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: "I know I'm not in the upper echelons of attractiveness." "But I try to make the best of what I've got and excel in other areas that I have control over, like being funny and thoughtful." "Being self-deprecating is a good. The grisly attack drew national and international headlines last year, both because of Javier's choice of weapon as well as her boyfriend's easygoing attitude about the whole episode. 'Where is the knife?' the dispatcher asked, to which Javier responded that: 'I used a sword!'. Alex 'Biggie' Lovell, 30, picture sitting up in a wheelchair in the hospital after being slashed with a samurai sword, credits his survival to his training as a competitive video game player. He suffered minor lacerations on his torso, a 'decent cut' on the left side of his head, as well as bruising on his neck. Javier told police she brought it down on his throat in an effort to murder him. Although Lovell remains in the hospital being treated for his 'gnarly' injuries and has a long road to recovery ahead, having nearly lost his ring, middle and index fingers, he takes comfort from the fact that he was able to defend himself.


Best teens history ) german sluts fuck in ass ) Amateur history. Read More, top news stories from Mirror Online. Lovell survived and his girlfriend has pleaded guilty to first degree attempted murder On Saturday, March 3, at around 9pm, he came home and ignored her, she said. His Tweet went viral (Image: @rizalxv/Twitter). In August 2017 Bennett was arrested and charged with second degree murder, which he denied. Lewis Bennett, 41, was sailing around the Caribbean with his wife Isabella Hellman in May 2017 when their ship sunk and his wife disappeared. Watch from MY point of view as I finally get back in the sky! Lovell was rushed a hospital suffering from life-threatening injuries that police said were inflicted on him by his girlfriend of two years. 'I've been preparing my whole life for something like this he said. His index, middle and ring fingers were nearly lopped off at the base, though doctors managed to reattach them.

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